Windhoek Nature Reserve Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Windhoek Nature Reserve CaseV Study Solution 

Business Model

The game ranching business has attracted many tourists from over the world. The business thrives on availability of huge hunting range. To ensure the success of providing and attracting tourist these sorts of businesses depend heavily upon infrastructure including provisions of water, accommodations, and roads and hunting facilities.

The business thrives by creating awareness of its business’ activities through advertisement of the facilities provided by it setting it apart from other game ranches. The lodging, the nature of game (animals) in specific ranches and the provision of hunting facilities are main attraction for tourists.


Strength of ranching business can be:

  • Political stability in the region may attract tourist from politically unstable regions.
  • The infrastructure of the gaming ranches can appeal to tourists.
  • Provision of basic necessities like food, lodging and water.
  • The length of gaming ranches is spread over huge area which is appealing to hunters looking for long range sports and hiking.


Weaknesses faced by gaming ranches business are usually:

  • Lack of unskilled labor may result in mishaps on gaming rounds.
  • Constant requirement of investment to maintain the given level of infrastructure.
  • Seasonal business; as the tourist can only come during specific seasons.
  • Lack of game (animals) may cause tourist to go elsewhere.


Opportunities that gaming ranches take advantage of can be:

  • The success of gaming ranches can be used to attract investors.
  • Gaming ranches can attract more tourists by expanding the range of animals and hiking areas.
  • Gaming ranches can take advantage of seasonal hunting programs.


Threats to gaming ranches revolve around:

  • Competition from other gaming ranches offering wider range of goods and services.
  • Threat of hunting mishap can discourage tourism.
  • Political instability may arise leading to fall in tourism.
  • Terrorist acts are on the rise leading to fall in tourism across the globe.
  • If economy is heavily dependent upon tourism then there is high risk of fall in tourism and its resultant impact on the economy.
  • Government may seize up the land which it believes is operating against the nature of law and national interest.



Political impacts on tourism are positively related. High political stability will encourage tourism particularly in the country where tourism forms a major part of the economy. Furthermore issues of and grabbing also arise particularly those relating to poachers and slum dwellers.

Windhoek Nature Reserve Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


In regions where the country is dependent upon tourism for enhancing its economic activities, the main focus would be on attracting investors and trying to make tourist friendly policies going to the extent of allowing hunting of endangered species. Gaming ranches provide individual opportunities for entertainment and are effectively used by the countries to promote tourism.


Gathering of various hunting parties for carrying out expeditions and involvement of local population to provide basic services are one part this segment. The main focus is on the fact that locales are provided with employment whether direct in form of tour guides or indirect through vendors selling souvenirs.


Even though technological development have been main driving factor behind every industry, it is not so for tourism. The impact of technology is limited on this sector particularly the areas pertaining to ‘roughing it’ aspects of tourism like hiking, hunting, trekking, etc. if there is any impact then it is negative one with tech making the job of tour guide redundant.


This is the major area which plays an important role in tourism sector. Where season does not play havoc with tourists’ plan the hunting of endangered species would surely lead to disruption in ecological cycle and food cycles. Furthermore, improper disposal of the hunted animals may lead to disruption of wildlife activity in that area.................

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