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Technological advancements, and the number of the technological devices with which we are surrounded.Is only going to increase in future, surrounding the era in which we live today. The original equipment manufacturers and the service companies will agree that, if their service time or the response time towards their customers had been lower.So, the image of their company and the quality of the service would be different. The customer lifetime value and the customer satisfaction index of these companies, would have been much higher, if they have known about their faulty equipment. The goal of the service organizations and the owner manufacturing companies, seek to enhance their level and quality of service.By responding to the customer complaints in the minimum time possible. When a device of a company fails, then it has a disastrous impact, on the reputation of the service organizations. Therefore, in this white paper, we research on the existing reporting mechanisms of the service organizations.By proposing a new mechanism, for reporting the customer complaints of the faulty equipment.In which the customer becomes part of the CRM circle of the organization. The proposed solution makes use of the Smartphone application system, such as the QR or bar coding technology used by the smartphones.To empower the end users for reporting the faulty equipments of the companies. This solution is not only going to reduce the effects of the downtime, but it would also enhance the enterprise service capabilities of the organization. The adoption of the proposed reporting mechanism would have a long-term positive impact on the service level and customer satisfaction index.Also, yield a number of benefits for the service companies, as well as the end users.


Most of the Service Companies, and the Original Equipment Manufacturers.Have always agreed that, their response time towards their customers and the customer satisfaction index would have been higher.If they had known earlier that, their multi used and widely spread equipment has started to fail. If the service team got the failure report, then it would not only reduce the downtime, but it could mean a much faster response to the customer. This is the era of digitization, a number of technological devices surround all the end users today. Moreover, the number of these devices is only going to increase in future.

All the companies in manufacturing and service industries, are increasing their service management capabilities.To reduce their response time and enhance the customer satisfaction. Downtime of a device can have a very harsh and disastrous impact, on the reputation and image of that service oriented product organization. Therefore, the question here is, how technology can help these service oriented product companies to deal with this. The answer is with the help of the Smartphone applications that, would be used in conjunction, with the Enterprise Applications.This can vastly influence the service management capabilities of the company.

Previous Approaches

The service companies and the Original Equipment Manufacturers.Have realized the benefits, and the true power of adopting the Enterprise Applications.That are available within the Customer Relationship Management space(Wang, 2004). They make use of it, to cater to the service needs of their customers. However, very few such products exist in the market like Oracle, which caters to the service needs of the organizations. The figure 1 that has been developed, with the help of research conducted for this white paper.Depicts how a device failure at the location of the customer, is reported back to the service organization.

White Paper Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Figure 1: Current Reporting Mechanism

Although the end user is most aggrieved party, but they are left out of the reporting system and loop, as seen in figure 1 above. Typically, an end user would report of an equipment failure, to the equipment owner.The equipment owner would then contact the call center of the service company. The service company, is then going to log the complaint of the failed equipment. A service request is created by the call center agent, within the CRM application of the service company.So, the same request is simultaneously assigned to the service engineer of the specific region.That has the right skills to fix the failed equipment(Bose, 2003).

After the standard service process is followed.The equipment is fixed and sent back to the customer. The reason that we get here, due to which the end user has been put out of the whole reporting mechanism is that, the reporting process is cumbersome and lengthy for reporting a downtime. The end users are not educated enough, to know the asset number of their failed equipment.They also do not have the patience, to talk with the call center agent on a long call(Stephen, 2002).

Engagement of the end user community in this whole reporting process, has always been a challenging task for the equipment manufacturers and the service companies. This is despite the fact that, most of the service companies have invested and put their best foot in the CRM capabilities.For enhancing the overall user experience. However, the evolution of the technology and the advent of the Smart phones around the world have changed everything. It had made the customer a part of the CRM circle, and at the same time kept the end users as much un involved as possible(Bose, 2003)...................

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