Genrays – Implementing The New Hris System Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Project Scope Document

Project Scope Description

Currently, GenRays has experienced an excellent return from the investment in the implementation of new financial management, logistics, accounting and buying of the system for the growth of GenRays. With such a saving gained by the calculations automatically through the system, they want to explore more golden opportunities related to the technology that will give the same return and their works internally improve.

With this strategy, the company expected that after installing the advanced technology such as Human Resources Information systems, the burden on the employees will be reduced. This new system will be integrated with ESS and payroll system. By this integration, the cost will be saved and efficiencies will be increased. With the help of this, risk of errors in the formation of the payroll will be reduced. Improved recruiting process and the benefits and compensation capabilities will be improved.

Customer Requirements

Following are requirements of the customers:

Rory Genhardt

  • Recruiting:The system must be able to manage the data and analyze it in order to conduct the hiring process.
  • Succession planning: The system must be able to analyze the skills for the vacant position and this system allows selecting the right candidates for professional growth and advancement.

Genrays – Implementing The New Hris System Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Crystal Marshall:

  • Consolidation of database: The system must have the ability to automatically up-date the records and the information of their contract.
  • Integration of the E-Forms: The system must have the ability to develop E-forms on the basis of standardizations.
  • Cost Efficiencies: The system must capable of improving the workflow efficiencies along with the reduced the cost benefit.

Connie Barnett

  • Capabilities of payroll:The system is able to record the time and attendance updated by the employees.
  • LDAP central Directory:This system will utilize the management policies and secure the information of directory.

Darcy Martin

  • Review on Performance: The system can do asearch on the performance of the employees and set the goal for each employee individually.
  • Analysis of Compensation Analysis: Capability to cost analysis related with group of employees to do the comparison against the manufacturing result.



Ashley Burrici

  • Employees Self-service: Through this system, the employees will be able to improve their efficiencies and accuracy. Employees will enter the information of attendance time of entrance then manger will approve the updated information.
  • Benefits Management: The system has the ability to review the information and benefits by employees.
  • Yearly Review: The system has able to connect the performance review to the compensation to determine the incensement of employees.

Rylee Anderson

  • The position control: This system possesses the ability to analyze the data of employee by job tittle and grade of salary.

Tyler Guerts

  • Recruiting:The system has the ability to actively search for aqualified candidate and mention them when the criteria matches.

Johnathan Hartwig

  • Consolidation of database: The system has the ability to review the data on the performance and records on the training performance and the current position of employee.

Structure of work

The work of the team will be to start, plan, measure and control. The team will report to the executive and control the risk during the project life cycle.................

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