Whirlpools Roadmap in China: 2004 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Details of the first years of Whirlpool in China and illustrates the challenges that the global industry leader may face when entering new and emerging markets such as China. Although it is relatively easy to get access to the big cities, there are many barriers associated with creating brand presence and gain a foothold in the less developed regions of China. Allows students to learn how to change themselves Whirlpool in China, specifically investigating whether Whirlpool China should focus on the sale or search in the future. "Hide
by Yigang Pan, Thomas Ian Leyu, Kavita Web Source: University of Hong Kong, 19 pages. Publication Date: October 10, 2005. Prod. #: HKU414-PDF-ENG

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Whirlpools Roadmap in China: 2004

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