Whittakers Chocolate Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The report illustrates the problem Whittakers chocolate is facing in developing the new product in the market.It is due to the fact,that, since the customer behaviors are changingin the market, shifting towards the healthy eating and gluten free diet, the company hastoplana strategy to develop the newproduct that mayalign with thecustomer’s needs and demandsandallows it to maintain the competitive edge in the market.

In order to resolve the problem and offer themanagementadequate strategy, the exploratory researchtechnique has been adapted with 384 sample size, rangingfrom age 18- 45 years, to gauge the responses and plan the new productsstrategy accordingly.

Lastly, a questionnaire is developed in order to record the response to create strong product development strategy that aligns with the customer’s needs and the changing market dynamics.

Keywords:  Competitive edge, gluten free, Healthy lifestyle, social media impact, healthy chocolates.

Chapter-1: Introduction

1.1-            Background:

  • Whitaker has been established in the year 1826, after making the chocolates, as the family business.The company produced finest chocolates with finest ingredients insourced from Ghana, produced in an ethical way.
  • The company utilized the best technology and machinery in order to produce thefinest chocolate to delight the customers and also to develop a strong competitive edge in the market.
  • After decades of fiddling around with a range of different confectionary products and bars Whitakers finally made their first blocks of chocolate in the 1990s. Since then Whitakers has continued to flourish in both local and national markets, through its rebranding and introduction of new flavors.
  • The company currently boast around 15 different flavored blocks, peanut slabs, candies and other confectionary based products. Whitakers current new chocolate range involves combining different flavors from all around the world, e.g. India, Italy and Canada, to create unique and tasty treats.
  • Whitakers has won countless awards for their branding, product tasteand company ethics making it one of the New Zealand’s most loved and respected brands. Throughout the company’s journey the family has continued to stay involved, maintaining ownership and control.

Whittakers Chocolate Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

1.2-            Summary of secondary Findings

( (Andrée, 2010)), suggests that the perceived quality of the food product drives the consumerbehavior towards purchases.According to the research, the term quality refers to different meaning in different context, depending on the color, taste and appearance of the product.Moreover, it is perceived as different in different target markets.( (Batt, 2014)), it is found, that there is an increasing change in the Australian and New Zealand customer perception towards the productpurchases, including the appearance of the product as the prior factor of purchasing, thus triggering the buying decision.

In addition ( (Chalmers, 2009)), found the different attributes of the food products while making the decision for purchase. These attributes included taste, price, healthiness and country of origin,along withpriceand quality comparison and healthiness and quality, making the important feature in relation to the purchase intention of the customer.

Moreover, the nutritional content and the food quality are also the driving factor for the purchase decision of the customers.According to ( (Chu, 2011))...................

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