Wendy Simpson In China (A) (Overhead Case) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-1572 © 2005
Fischer, William A.; Chung, Rebecca

It describes the international growth journey of a Chinese company that was designed to combine the finest of its Chinese and Western parents. It explores the crucial role China can play in the international value chain of an organization/industry. And it also details the real-life experience of an Australian female middle management expatriate; Wendy Simpson; who acted as a bridge between the Western and Chinese sides. The business is an European-based hi-tech worldwide leader operating for more than a century. It had been running in China since the early 1980s; chiefly through a very successful JV.

Wendy Simpson In China (A) (Overhead Case) Case Study Solution

The Chinese associate was a state. In the late 1990s; the JV found itself at a crossroads: Both partners were wondering whether this JV was the best vehicle to bring newer technologies to China and enhance long-term profitability. The A case describes the business scenario of the business and the tactical scenarios Simpson proposed to move forward. It aims to engage the participants in evaluating the options and deciding which one to choose. This case series was the 2005 EFMD award winner in the group “Coming Chinese Global Competitors”.

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Wendy Simpson In China (A) (Overhead Case)

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