Kerstin Berger (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-4-0293 © 2007

Peiperl, Maury

Kerstin Berger finds her new co-worker Tina Orton gradually slip into entire dysfunction and burnout. In addition she is going through great personal change. She asks for help but doesn't get it she resorts to pathological overworking in an attempt at control—an effort that doesn't work and that leaves her entirely burned out.

Kerstin Berger (A) Case Study Solution

When one morning Orton vanishes; leaves her badge on her desk; and cleans out her office; Berger is left to pick up the pieces of her job one month before launch. Learning objectives: To consider how it occurs that skilled professionals sometimes find themselves in hopeless situations. To comprehend the variables behind it and the nature of burnout. To think about our own biases about exactly what constitutes success and failure; and to what extent scenarios dominate people in determining results (fundamental attribution error).

Subjects: Burnout; Career; IT; Coaching; Stress; Expatriate; OB; Training; Induction/on-boarding; Culture; Women
Settings: Switzerland; Zürich; Banking (disguised); Large; 2006

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