Philip Chase: An Organizational Power And Influence Case Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-4-0301 © 2010
Narasimhan, Anand; Burgess, Peter

The case is a true story with disguised names, and was developed with the aid of the protagonist, “Philip Chase,” who runs a “successful” executive placement agency, Retail Personnel Flow (RPF). As he seemed to think on the other hand, the case reveals that it is possible and not as “successful”. Philip has only learned from an employee that his business’s biggest customer, Winterplain, is about to offer the important Kash n Karry contract to RPF’s primary opponent, NY-Lon. At first, Philip believes it's just a rumor, but after that day discovers that a prospective candidate has already been through several rounds of interviews with NY-Lon. The HR manager at Winterplain verifies that there are service quality problems.

She consents to meet with Philip the next day and sends a memo recording Winterplain’s concerns with RPF for him to go through before the assembly; some of the points are valid but Philip is raging about the others! NY Lon’s foray into retail placements was short-lived since it couldn't contend with the sophistication of the retail labor market. Learning objectives: The case provides participants with an understanding of the political dynamics of the relationship between professional businesses and their clients. Participants get to value the function of networks in improving sway ability and one’s societal power. The case may also be used in role-playing how hard political situations can be worked out.

Philip Chase An Organizational Power And Influence Case case study solution

Subjects: Social networks; Power; Influence; Professional services; Retail industry; Recruitment industry; Entrepreneurial organization

Settings: United Kingdom; Retail; Recruitment; 120 employees

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Philip Chase: An Organizational Power And Influence Case

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