Nestlé: Leveraging The Hard Discounter Channel Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-5-0738 © 2008
Koschat, Martin; Ryans, Adrian; Sequeira, Stephanie

This case a part of a three case series designed to investigate the consequences of the emergence of hard discounters in the retail station. The show explores the relationship between hard discounters and conventional retailers on the one hand, and makers and hard discounters on the other hand. Featured companies comprise ALDI (IMD-5-0736), Tesco (IMD-5-0737) and Nestlé.

Nestlé Leveraging The Hard Discounter Channel Case Study Solution

This case investigates the predicament a manufacturing company, specifically Nestlé faces in his relationship with a channel that also includes hard discounters. Learning objectives: The case series is made to investigate manufacturers as well as the implications of the development of a low cost retailer for other retailers.

Subjects: Retailing; Channel relations; Discounters; Fast moving consumer goods; Pricing; Competition; Negotiation; Branding

Settings: International; Food; Large; 2005

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Nestlé: Leveraging The Hard Discounter Channel

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