Country Analysis in a Global Village Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Substantially rewritten to establish the importance of the country in a global context. He does this in terms of differences in their economic activities in the last decade, and contrasting those that "converge" to the rich country standards (as predicted by theory) and those who did not. He then develops within the country analysis, with the scheme to determine the context, strategy and performance. Adds a political dimension, since Sam Huntington emphasis on the strength of the state / government, not its form, the concept of Hernando de Soto, that property rights are more important for the majority of Third World countries than FDI receipts and Joe Stiglitz, the thesis that concept of different positions for the total production function is simply not plausible. So, the benefits are to be created, and substandard returns should be expected to catch up. In addition, the matrix provides an economic strategy for the classification of strategies, or to analyze their evolution in time. Short bibliography included. Rewritten version of the earlier notes.
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by Bruce R. Scott, 29 pages. Publication Date: January 12, 2001. Prod. # 701 074-HCB-ENG

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Country Analysis in a Global Village

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