WALT DISNEY Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

WALT DISNEY Case Solution

B   Three Potential Strategies for Walt Disney and Resort

From the past few decades, media integration is considered as one of the most popular distinctive features in the movie industry. By using corporate strategies, the company expanded its operation globally and domestically. In order to achieve competitive edge over its competitors, the company acquired other movie industries by using their vast capital resources. Moreover, in order to bring changes in the film industry, the Walt Disney shifted its focus from quality to licensing, merchandising, marketing and distribution arguments.  However, it is difficult for the company to stand alone in the single industry as it has conglomerate business industries which create many hurdles in the way of company's success. In order to meet its competitive advantage in the film industry the company focused on the following strategies:

A.    Globalization

The product and services of Walt Disney are found globally along with different areas. The company works on globalization strategy since the past few years. The main objective of the company is to provide its services and products outside of the US where they want to globalize its brand to customers all over the world. Currently, the company wants to establish its brand image in the emerging markets which include China, India, Russia and Latin America. However, the company focuses moremore on placing its services in Europe, Japan, and Africa where it has great opportunities for growth and success as it is the well-established market for the company.

B.     Product Differentiation

The company provides it's heterogeneous products, which include resort, merchandise, theme park, animation film to all age customers, taste and culture which help them in achieving its target steady business growth in different market segments. Therefore, the company used differentiation strategy for its all product lines that help them in achieving a competitive edge over its competitors.

C.    Target Marketing Strategy

In order to remain competitive in the market, Walt Disney introduced the first new national wireless phone through that they reach to the families and kids. The company launched in this the GPS facilities through which the parents controlled the communication of its children and also control where they are. The main objective of launching these phones is that they want to attract the life style of families which provide great opportunities to the customers. The company also focuses on innovation strategy, which helps the company in creating it differentiates position in the market as well as assist them in competing its competitors.

B.     Recommendation

Every single action which the company takes in order to serve better the international market has impact on the future success of the company. Therefore,if the company wants to achieve success in the market, then it is necessary for the company to focus on differentiation and diversification strategies which would help them in achieving a competitive edge over its competitors. In fact, in order to expand its business operation globally, Disney multiplied its innovation and production operations in order to serve better the international market. Recently, Disney has seven theme parks, 728 Disney Stores, 27 Hotels with 36888 rooms, three cruises, and one board cast network. It is highly recommended to the company to initially focuse on its present strategies and cater the home market which would help them in better understand the needs of customers. In the beginning, it is necessary for Disney to focus on home integrated entertainment and the second option integrates into outside the home. As the today's market is highly competitive due to the innovative technology, then it is necessary for the company to bring innovativeness in its project through innovative technologies...............

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