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The fact is, the San Francisco law firm, legal Paragon, founded by lawyer and entrepreneur Mae O'Malley. Paragon has given a high level of legal attorneys the opportunity to have a flexible schedule and work 10 to 40 hours a week. This was done in the context of the industry, as a rule, a very long time and had inflexible and severe penalties for leaving the field for a long time. Eighty-five percent of Paragon Legal lawyers were women with children, but the company has also attracted women and men without children, who wanted to find a work / life balance. Paragon legal counsel working on contracts and gained a competitive compensation. In addition to discussing Paragon Legal, body parts of the landscape legal industry, including the challenges and pressures on all lawyers and additional problems for women. By the summer of 2010, Paragon Legal became successful in the San Francisco Bay, and the question posed in (A) the point is that the company needs to scale within the region and / or geographically. And if so, what would it look like? Other topics for discussion in the event include:. The nature of the employment contract, business (and women's entrepreneurship) and the reorganization of work for a better work / life balance "Hide
by Sarah Soule, Shelley J Correll, Debra Shifrin Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 23 pages. Publication Date: March 21, 2012. Prod. #: OB81A-PDF-ENG

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Paragon Legal: New Model (A)

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