Walmarts Sustainability Strategy (B): 2010 Update Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In 2007, Walmart launched a new business strategy to achieve three radical and aggressive environmental goals of general manager Lee Scott (1) supplied 100 percent by renewable energy, and (2) to create zero waste, and (3) for sale products that support the people and the environment. The beginning of this new approach to the extended supply chain of the company is the subject of OIT-71A. In OIT-71B, the authors provide an update on the sustainable development strategy Walmart, three years after the original case was written. In addition to outlining the progress made in the three values ​​of sustainable networks in the case of profiled (textiles, seafood and electronics), case B also describes how the company is strengthening, modification or rejection of the new supply chain management practice, he received in 2007. This also applies to some of the new company's sustainability initiatives, including the 2010 Walmart GHG targets, globalization network approach, and new measurement program (for example, GreenWERCS and stability of the consortium). "Hide
Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 21 pages. Publication Date: October 15, 2010. Prod. #: OIT71B-PDF-ENG

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Walmarts Sustainability Strategy (B): 2010 Update

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