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Edward Lassiter, CEO of young technology start-up, which is 12 weeks away from exhausting its initial $ 500,000 angel fund, is considering proposals from three venture capital firms. Two of the traditional venture capital firms, while a third, high Oaks Capital, linked to a national organization called Venture Capital Village Ventures. Inspired by the extraordinary relationship between the tall Oaks and Village Ventures, Lassiter doubt the two organizations, in tandem, would be able to offer the company more in terms of logistics and experience, in addition to their financial investment than it was two ordinary firms. Lassiter term sheet reflects the three firms, knowing that he must make a decision within the next two days.
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by John Glynn, Jr., Charles Spiggle Source: Darden School of Business 22 pages. Publication Date: August 14, 2001. Prod. #: UV0468-PDF-ENG

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