Van Oord (B): Post-Merger Integration “With Your Feet In The Mud” Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Schwass; Joachim; Lief, Colleen

Excellent; pro-active household governance and the procedure of establishing a vision and sense of objective have actually been vital precedents of Van Oord business method. This company stands as a shining example that establishes governance structures; a household constitution and clarifying succession and an investor structure into the future is an important very first action in setting industrial instructions and accomplishing household and business goals.

How will they incorporate these cultures to come up with a cohesive whole so as not to detract from business value and therefore household wealth; continuing to be a leader in their field - likewise a household value? The advantages and difficulties to business technique; business viewpoint and function and household engagement following an M&A deal. How doing the tough work of developing robust household and business governance systems lays the foundation for potential decision-making procedures.

Van Oord (B) Post-Merger Integration “With Your Feet In The Mud” Case Study Solution

Subjects: Governance; M&A; Corporate culture; Strategy; Generational transition; Family constitution; Family business; Succession
Settings: The Netherlands; Worldwide; Dredging; Marine construction; US$2 billion revenues -2006; 2003

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Van Oord (B): Post-Merger Integration “With Your Feet In The Mud”

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