Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Inc. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Inc. grew substantially during the previous 20 years, and most recently, it had basically altered the nature of its business from hotel possession to hotel and resort management. The case focuses on what more could be done to accentuate the value of the company.

Should the company undertake an equity offering? Would the timing be accurate? Which individuals should it choose as underwriters? What standards should be set in order to select one underwriter over another? Should the equity offering be given internationally or should it be kept solely in Canada? Is debt refinancing an alternative, which is more preferable? How would one be more advantageous than the other? How would the objective buyers be selected? Lastly, what would be the consequences of each choice on shareholder value?

Publication Date: 12/15/1999

This is just an excerpt. This case is aboutĀ Finance

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