InnoCentive: Open Innovation Platform Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-6-0296 © 2007
Billington; Corey; Jäger; François

InnoCentive spun off Eli Lilly the Pharmaceutical Giant in the year 2000. The objective of the firm was to associate businesses with R&D difficulties to a were able to solve one of the issues posted on the InnoCentive site. Worldwide community of prospective solvers who would be rewarded if they

Learning objectives: Supervisors usually have a conventional view of what R&D should look like. Mindsets that are traditional open to new opportunities in R&D with the discovery of new processes in the open innovation area and additionally the use of seeker-solver networks.

Subjects: Innovation; Open-innovation; R&D; procurement; sourcing; process; pharmaceutical; chemistry
Settings: Global; R&D; Research & development; Dot com; 20-25 employees; 2000-2007

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InnoCentive: Open Innovation Platform

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