Urban Bankers: Place to Be Somebody Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Charles Grace and Jerome Hicks sat next to each other at a meeting of President Chase Manhattan Bank Delaware named. Hicks and Grace were financial partners in the Chase Manhattan and the members of the coalition City bankers. As they listened to the president's speech, they were amazed to hear, "We need more people to participate in our community improvement programs, committed people like Jerome Hicks and Charles Grace, who helped Chase Manhattan Bank of the Year to be named for two years straight." His proposal lay like unexploded bombs between Hicks and Grace. They knew that all eyes were turned towards him. They have felt that some of their colleagues and bosses were uncomfortable with the attitude they have been designed with the President. Why do they feel that this is the last step over the edge? This case opens the door to discuss the building of relationships and the special problems of those who are in the minority face in building relationships.
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by Martin N. Davidson, Gerry Yemen Source: Darden School of Business 5 pages. Publication Date: December 28, 2001. Prod. #: UV0554-PDF-ENG

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Urban Bankers: Place to Be Somebody

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