UNILEVER Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


In the emerging markets the company is facing following challenges, trends and societal issues.


The local companies in the emerging markets are growing robustly as well as they have local support of the people in the entire market, which creates challenges for the multinational companies to establish their footsteps into emerging markets. In addition to this, the economic stability in the emerging markets is also unpredictable, which further creates challenge for the multinational to tap successfully in such markets.


In the emerging markets, a number of people are changing their lifestyles by moving from rural to urban areas as well as a large number of population is also shifting to potential markets. In addition to this, the environment in which the people are living is getting stressful over the period of time. Moreover, the stakeholders in the market are also getting aware of the corporate issues, which have enhanced their ability to evaluate the company’s performance more comprehensively.

Societal Issues:

People in the emerging markets are more conscious of their health and safety as well as they are also considered about the environmental issues. Therefore, they are attracted more readily towards the products which are healthy and environmental friendly.................

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