Flynas Airlines Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Flynas Airlines Case Solution

Flynas Airlines:

Flynas is a leading company of Saudi Arabia with 24 aircrafts, and it operates almost 950 weekly flights on different destinations within and/or outside of Saudi Arabia. Flynasis based in Riyadh. It was launched in 2007, and since then it is successfully operating and growing in Saudi Arabia. Flynas has recently launched its first flight to Jakarta from January 1. Flynas is considered as a low cost providing carrier of Aviation Industry therefore, it has cost advantage over other airlines of the Saudi Arabia. In addition to this, Flynas is also considered as a safe source of traveling as it provides safe and sound traveling experience to its passenger therefore, the company has pool of loyal customers who prefer Flynas Airlines over the other national and international a Airline companies that are operating in Saudi Arabia.

Challenges for Flynas:

Demand of aircrafts:

It is expected that with the increase in income level and economic conditions of Saudi Arabia, the number of passengers is also increasing therefore,Flynas needs to increase its aircraft's and for this, huge investment is required. Increasing number of customers requires increasing the aircraft's of Flynas Airlines.

  As Flynas advertises it self as a low cost airlines of Saudi Arabia, therefore it would be difficult to make such a huge investment and the management of the company could face fund raising problem in order to increase the number of aircrafts.

Demand of specialized skilled workers and pilots:

It is expected that the expert and skilled workforce could play an important role in the success of an organization. Flynas somehow lacks skilled workers and pilot. Moreover, the increase demand in the aircrafts also requires more skilled crew and pilots to incorporate into the flights..............

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