Curt Schillings Next Pitch Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

As his major league pitching career began to collapse in 2006, baseball all-star Curt Schilling decided to become an entrepreneur. Looking to focus their perseverance and passion for online role-playing games to a new challenge, he founded the company online games, which later became known as 38 Studios. During the first two companies's, he built a team of 70 people, including the executive team of business and industry veterans, and learned key lessons about the problems faced by the industry-changing businesses. Wanting to own enterprise fund initially, and then find it difficult to raise outside money, he put much of his net worth on the line to build 38 Studios. Now he stands at a purchase that can either double your problems and help solve them. "Hide
by Noam Wasserman, Jeffrey J. Bussgang, Rachel Gordon Source: HBS Premier Case Collection 30 pages. Publication Date: December 18, 2009. Prod. #: 810053-PDF-ENG

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Curt Schillings Next Pitch

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