UK’s Institutional environment and Sociocultural Environment Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Institutional Environment of the UK

Institutional environment is basically categorized by the expansion of the different rules and regulations, which are required for the individual organizations in order to receive support and legitimacy in the country. Any company in the institutional environment cannot be evaluated with the number of outputs they present.

The institutional environment on the whole is quite a positive one for United Kingdom. Most of the firms that have been or are looking to operate in this part of the world find more favorable conditions than any other European country.

            The access to different markets actually makes the country a successful one in terms of attracting new businesses. Moreover, many companies have been looking to market their brands in this part of the world because of the revenue generating market potential in the United Kingdom (Paul, 2010).

Political Institutions:

The political institutions, the government rules and regulations have been quite in favor of the country and all the companies that look to setup their business in the country find positive response from the market. The European Union rules and regulations actually support different sectors and look to offer subsidiary to these companies. For instance, United Kingdom offers reasonable subsidiary on the import and export of Information Technology products and the IT sector.

The reason is simple, the government wants to encourage and improve the IT sector of the country as it is the most productive and the most rapidly developing industry in the world. The business laws proposed by the government of United Kingdom support and favor not only the existing firms, but they even favor the new firms entering the United Kingdom market. This confirms that the market situation is quite a positive one and the role of the United Kingdom government can be appreciated.

Economic Institutions:

The economic institutions and the overall economic situation of United Kingdom have been quite beneficial for the companies and the businesses entering and performing their respective businesses in this part of the world. Moreover, the strong Gross Domestic Product of United Kingdom has also been a major attraction in the stability of the country. The GDP of United Kingdom is $2.678 trillion in the year 2013. This indicates that the potential in the market is quite a favorable one.

The changes in the interest rates in the country have been quite fluctuating; however, these changes have been favorable in some situations where the economy has been supportive of the changing interest rates. Therefore, it can be said that the government along with the economic institutions have been quite committed and dedicated to serve the needs of the general population and the create business opportunities (McDonald, 2011).

The political institutions and the economic institutions have been positively affecting the stability of United Kingdom. The tax returns and the new ventures that are being set up in the country ensure a strong political and economical institutional environment for all the businesses.

Socio cultural Environment of United Kingdom

The Socio cultural environment is basically the way or the method by which changes in society actually occur. The Sociocultural environment of the United Kingdom is quite a stable one. Sociocultural environment is basically a driver of change in the society. Social environment generally comprises of social groups which include the age, gender, incomes, etc.

Moreover, sociocultural environment looks to study the trends of the society, the way people live and the social standards. It is also a collection of all the social factors. The estimated population of United Kingdom as per the consensus of 2011 is approximately 63,182,000. Moreover, it is the 22nd largest population. One third of the total population of the country lives in southeast part of the country which consists of the suburban and the urban population.

The literacy rate of the country is almost 99% for the people above the age of 15. The education is free of charge until the age of 18. The country has one of the highest percentages of educated people around the world. The religion that is most prominent in the country is Christianity, however many other religions are also practiced in this part of the world.UK’s Institutional environment and Sociocultural Environment Case Solution

Along with this, as per the research conducted in the year 2012, the population of the country is all set to grow further and at a rapid pace in the coming decade. The population of United Kingdom has been ageing. The morality rates for the country have also fallen quite considerably (Kotler, 2009)..................

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