Bank of America and the Chinese Credit Card Market Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case addresses Bank of the America Corporation considered joint venture with China Construction to enter the Chinese credit card market. The case builds on the questions of strategic alliances in foreign markets and the state of the banking and credit industries in China normally.

The teaching goals include 1) understanding the transferability of a business model to a foreign marketplace and assessing the implications of the political, economical, social and technological environment on a company's strategy in that market; 2) understanding the institutional context of business in a foreign country - especially the regulatory aspects of the banking industry in China; 3) exploring the cultural implications for company choices, and the demand to understand the nuances of the business model while interpreting it to radically unfamiliar environments; and 4) understanding the role that local partners play in joint ventures and investigating some aspects of partnering strategies in overcoming institutional disabilities.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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Bank of America and the Chinese Credit Card Market

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