MentorMob and the Reinvention of Learning Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

MentorMob had sprung from the passions-for web development and for online communities-of the company's co-founders, Kris Chinosorn (CEO) and Vince Leung (COO). The business pursued the challenging aims of reinventing how people learn for learning about anything and becoming the world's utility.

The website leveraged a crowdsourcing model for information sharing, teaching, and learning. By empowering participants to learn-and to crowdsource from each other while learning-the website sought to create a compelling encounter unobtainable with no bunch and to both employ users at different stages of learning. Leung and Chinosorn needed to prioritize as a way to achieve the increase and scale needed to become world's utility for learning. What should they do next to keep the increase of MentorMob on course? What problems should get their greatest focus?


This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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MentorMob and the Reinvention of Learning

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