Two-Column Case Model Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Two-Column Case Model  Case Solution

Part A: One Conversation

1.     Situation: Who was involved? What is the history?

The case is about Pacey Foster who had just assigned the post of acting associate director, as his boss has gone on maternity leaves for 3 months. He has been working in the organization for 3 years and due to his good performance his boss had promoted him for her position. He was younger and had less seniority than most of the other employees at the organization and now he is supposed to act as their supervisor. He was concerned about his new role and assumed that people might dislike him as their new boss. However, it seems that there is no respectin the office and no one wants to follow the rules and regulations.

After taking the new charge, his boss’ boss, Tom, had visited the office at 8.30 and found no one in the office. The receptionist Sarah, office manager Dona and administrator Marywere supposed to be in the office by 8.00 and was not present when the Tom came. In addition, the other staff members timing was 9.00 who were mostly male employees. About a week later, Foster came at 8.20 and yet found no one in the office and no one even informed him about the situation. Afterwards, Mary and Dona came together and then he confronted Foster.

2.     Intent:  What were you hoping to achieve/ trying to accomplish?

The purpose of this two column case is to identify the loopholes and to make certain strategies and actions which could help individual to resolve the problem. The aim is to identify and examine the problem in the organization and then to formulate an action plan for Foster which could help him to maintain the office environment in a good way.

3.     Two-Column Case Model

What was saidMy thoughts and feelings
Foster: Where you guys have been? I am here since 8.00 and you are supposed to be here on time as well.

Mary: I stuck in the traffic jam.

Dona (astounded): I miss the bus that’s why got late.

Foster: you people should have informed me! And Where is Sarah?

Dona: she called me early in the morning and informed that she is not feeling well so she’ll come late today.

Foster: she should have called me being late!

Dona: people always informed me about such issues, I am the office manager and I am supposed to deal with these situations. I usually came on time but unfortunately missed my bus today.

Foster: the office timing is 8.00 am and you people should be here on time no matter what. I am observing since one week that no considering punctuality. And people should have informed me being late so I’d know what’s about.

Mary: it’s ok. Many people in the office came late like Joe no one ever made an issue.

Dona and Marry both walk away. ( they got frustrated with him)



How irresponsible, despite being guilty, coming in the office like nothing wrong and laughing together! This is insane.

What a coincidence, they both got late on the same day and coming together on the same time. They might be together and were chatting somewhere.

I am their supervisor they didn’t even bother to inform me. If the boss were here would they behave like this?



People should have informed me about their excuses, everyone is doing what they willing to do.

If the boss were here, no one have courage to behave like this! I am done with this place.



They don’t have any respect for me, I have to made strict rules and check and balance upon them, and I know I became so lenient but now have to do something to make the system more professional.



They don’t like me and don’t want to even respect me.


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