Are You Ready for the Co-Creation Movement Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The set of social networking tools that are available today, from Facebook, blogs to YouTube, shows a new paradigm known as "co-creation", which was first described by the author a few years ago and now says it is ready to take the world by storm. Co-creation is the process by which products, services and expertise developed jointly by the companies and their stakeholders, opening up a new world of values. Although increasingly used some progressive organizations, the author finds that people were more willing than most companies to cover that quickly determines the landscape of the future. To be prepared, companies need to stop thinking of individuals as simply passive recipients of the values ​​to which they have traditionally supplied goods and services. Instead, companies should seek to engage people as active co-creators of value on all fronts. For large, established organizations, it begins with the joint development of the unique experience of employees within the organization. Then you can grow co-creative collaboration platform is based on four main components: Dialogue, Access, the risk-reward assessment and transparency (DART). Practiced effectively, your business can grow into a mighty tree, from which all kinds of fruit will be ripe for the taking. "Hide
by Venkat Ramaswamy Source: IESE-Insight Magazine 7 pages. Publication Date: September 15, 2009. Prod. #: IIR009-PDF-ENG

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Are You Ready for the Co-Creation Movement

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