Tuesdays With Morrie Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The three of the Morrie’s most significant messages concerning life meaning are:

The first one is that he thinks that there are many people who are unaware about their goals in lives or they have vague goals, and they are leading a meaningless life. They are just concerned about the things they consider vital and are always busy in chasing wrong things, and they are least concerned about other peoples in their lives or people around them.

According to Morrie, the only thing that brings meaning in your life is devoting your lives to others, helping others, creating a sense of harmony and love among people in a community, doing anything which can benefit the people when you are alive and even after your death.

The second message is that he emphasized on the aspect that people must forgive themselves and forgive others because according to him if you forgive others and spread the culture of forgiveness in a community, then there would be a healthy environment of love, brotherhood and sympathy in the community.

This is a very important aspect in order to live a good meaningful life, and he also insists that you must find someone with whom you can share each and everything your joys,sorrows, complications, worries and at the same time you have to act as a good listener for others as well. He emphasized on the fact that when you share your feelings with others you get light hearted and peaceful internally.

The third message is that you have to accept that what are the things in one’slife that one is able to do and the things in theirlife that they are unable to do, this minimizes the loss of failure in one’slife as they analyze the things before actually doing them that whether they would be able to do those things or not. He also said that the things onehasdone in theirpast should be accepted and remembered by them.


Aforementioned Morrie’s ideas affected Mitch’s life in a very positive manner and have created a positive impact on his life. Mitch has a very busy life as he is just concerned with himself and his wife, he thinks that the only purpose of his life is to earn a lot of money to make his wife happy and to lead a comfortable and luxurious life and he thinks that this is the meaning of his life.

He has no concerns with the people around him,he doesn’t socializes much actually he doesn’t have any time for entertaining, mingling and partying. He hasn’tmet his relatives for a long time and he thinks it is normal.

He has forgotten the promises that he has made with his teacher, Morrie, during his school time. Morrie’s ideas brought a significant change in Mitch’s life and he realized that the purpose what he thought to be the meaning of life is wrong and he realized that the real meaning of life is to make good relationships with the people around.

He got more inclined towards helping people; he thought that the serenity and the felicity in life could be obtained by soothing others. In spite of having a busy routine, he managed to visit his school teacher, Morrie,every Tuesday and keeps talking to him, soothing him, motivating him, inspiring through his philosophies, because now he realized that this is the real meaning of life and he feels peaceful and satisfied now.

Tuesdays With Morrie Case Solution

According to Mitch, money and fame is the most important thing in life and he considers them more than anything in this world and he considers these two as the factors for achieving success. When he started listening to Morrie’s philosophies, his perception of money and fame entirely changed, although he still considers money and fame to be an important asset in life.

However, his philosophy changed drastically and the most valuable asset for life which he considers now is emotions and feelings of the people around him. Now he feels that peoplemust forgive them selves and others to keep their heart clean and to maintain a good harmonious environment which he considers to be a valuable asset in life.


The most significant message found among the 3 messages stated above is the first message that nowa days an average person is living a very fast paced life and is working and travelling from dawn to dusk and he is plunged into the workload of his life which is consuming his life a great deal. His everyday life has become a robotic life that is giving the task to earn money and all the time he is busy in finding ways to complete his task.................

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