Hema Hattangady and Conzerv Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Hema was born in Delhi in the year 1963. She was the youngest of her four sisters. In her childhood, Hema had to face financial issues and she had to struggle for every single penny. When Hema was 13, her father retired and the family income diminished even more and the family had to move to a small town in the south of India, Dharwad.

When Hema was 19, her father died and her mother arranged her marriage with Ashok who was the son of a family friend. Three months into her marriage, Ashok went on to the University of Texas at Austin to attend master’s engineering program. Since he was unable to attain a visa for her wife, therefore, Hema had to stay back with her in-laws. Ashok returned after completing his degree after three long years.

Hema started working for an advertising firm and soon she rose through the ranks with her efforts and hard work. In spite of working she had to wash clothes for her father in law, her brother in law. In the year 1987, she started her IIM at Calcutta campus. When Ashok returned to India in 1989, the two of them lived in his parents’ home and both started working for his father’s electronic business Enercon. Hema became the coordinator whereas Ashok looked after designing and technical aspect of the business. Moreover, Hema also started her MBA.

In 1986, when Ashok’s father retired from the government job as an electrical engineer he went on to start a business or himself and his sons. Since he was an expert in energy conservation, therefore he started off by designing and building stabilizers because of the increasing demand of such products due to power failure and electricity issues in the country. Moreover, he even manufactured energy meters. Rao himself was not very keen in sales and his son, Ashok was more focused on technical side and product development so he decided he handover the marketing duties to his nephews. Hema was against the decision because she knew that the nephews were incompetent, soon it actually became evident and the company started losing its market share. The company was shut down and the situation came where it hadto be soldoff.

Critical Analysis

As the case states, with the issues arising at Enercon, Mr. Thomas came in to join the business where he wanted to revamp the business. Since Ashok did not wanted to become the CEO and his father hadalready taken over the role of advisor, Ashok advised Mr. Thomas to consider Hema as the new CEO for the company.

Leadership role

Hema right from the very first day was quite enthusiastic, motivated and self-imposed upon the element of improving the standards for the company. She was clear with her mind and had a personality where she can follow a persuasive style. She has been one of the highest potential people and wanted to achieve big for herself. She was basically a nurturer of the people and a caretaker for everyone. She was quite loyal to the people and the company.

With all the positive attributes and features, Hema had a problem where she had lacked confidence and was facing difficulty in actually gauging customer attention and respect because of being a part of a male dominated society. As per her manager, she is quick tempered and a bulldozer. During her first six years or the initialphase she had none in the senior role except for her wife Ashok and Mr. Thomas.Hema Hattangady and Conzerv Case Solutions

With the current situation, it can be said that during the first six years as the CEO, Hema made reasonable efforts to ensure a successful campaign for herself and the company. In a male dominated society, she was actually able to stable herself and the company where under her leadership; the company went on to achieve a 35% market share. Moreover, the company went on to reach a total revenue mark of $300,000 with a total of 172 employees.

Another decision which she took was to focus on the industrial and the commercial consumers. She wanted to build the image of the company in this sector and then move on to the diverse markets.The next challenge for Hema was build an effective senior management team. In a motive to bring in leaders she actually failed because the people she hired were not competent for this sector as they were from other industries.................

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