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            The product discussed in the paper is Ice Cream brand “Ice Dream”. Since it is a new launch in the market, therefore, the paper shall explore the ways in which the company shall be able to penetrate in the market. The product shall look to explore its product range in four different flavors which will be low calorie creamy desert in four flavors. The favors that shall be offered by Ice Dream will be choc chocolate chip, Coffee, Real Vanilla and the Very Berry Strawberry.

            The company is a new entity in the market; therefore, it shall look to explore to examine the interest level of the customers. Moreover, the paper shall also look to study the consumer preference of the new product, its pricing strategy and the ways it shall use to conduct the research for the new launched product.

Interest level of the new product

            Since, the product is a new one in the market therefore to penetrate in the market; the brand shall look to explore the market by attracting the customers within the community. As the current research indicates, more people are becoming health conscious; therefore attracting customers through healthy product is the new way of reaching out the masses. Same is the case with the Ice Dream that shall look to explore the market by gauging in customers from Los Angeles only.

            The reason is simple; initially it shall look to focus on the customers of a specific area because of the limited marketing budget.  Since the brand is a new entrant in a highly mature and competitive ice cream industry, therefore, it needs to keep up the quality it shall deliver to the customers in order to stay within the market.

Marketing Mix

Product strategy:
            The product that is offered by the newly launched brand Ice Dream shall be low calorie ice cream in four different flavors. The company shall look to attract customers by offering high quality product.

Pricing Strategy:

            The pricing strategy for the newly launched ice cream product shall be price penetration strategy. The reason is simple, since Ice Dream is a local brand with no client base, therefore the pricing strategy or the recommended pricing strategy for the brand shall be price penetration. By adopting the above-mentioned strategy, the company shall be able to attract mass audience of the city Los Angeles.

Place Strategy:

            The initial launch of the new brand shall take place in Los Angeles. The reason is simple, since it is a new entity with no customer base at all therefore, targeting a small region or a single state shall be the most appropriate option. Moreover, the company shall look to offer its product through 10 retail outlets in the Los Angeles.Ice Dream Case Solution

Promotion Strategy:

            As the situation states, the company does not have enough budget to actually spend heavily on its promotionalstrategy therefore, the promotional budget that shall be used by the management will be around $5,000 for its marketing budget and $5,000 will be used as the distribution cost.

Marketing Budget Allocation


retail cost



marketing cost



Selling and distribution cost






             The product or the Ice cream brand, Ice Dream, shall be made locally in Los Angeles. The reason is simple, since the  company has limited marketing budget and the customers are also unidentified therefore, to minimize the expenses, it is rather necessary that the company shall look to sell its products through the same city so that the distribution cost which has been allocated is $5,000 can actually be utilized in an efficient manner.

            The estimated or the allocated retail budget for the company shall be $15,000. The reason is simple, to attract customers, the company has to introduce a high quality product. Once it shall be able to confirm the customers and develop their trust, it shall be able to further penetrate in the market with excessive marketing and selling costs.

            Moreover, to attract customers it is obligatory that the brand should look to offer a soothing and a refreshing ambience to the customers and the consumers. The reason is simple, operating in a highly fragmented market, the company has to offer unique experience to the customers who shall attract them to come over and explore the newly launched Ice Dream. ..........

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