TTTech (A):Seeking Growth and Scale in New and Existing Markets Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

TTTech, located in Vienna, Austria, was a pioneer of innovation networks run-time embedded computer systems. By 2010 TTTech grew U.S. $ 25 million of the company by providing high-quality technical solutions for clients with time, mission and safety-critical requirements. Despite the completion of a successful, high-profile projects such as these, the overall growth TTTech has reached a kind of plateau in the world economic crisis of 2009. Run time undeniably innovative technology, but, in some cases, was more advanced than was currently required by the target customers. Furthermore, it was difficult enough that the sales process was laborious and usually had to start from the engineering and then work your way up the product development to executive management. In major segments TTTech industrial, automotive and aerospace, customers were hesitant to make decisions quickly, extended design cycles, and were known as a relatively conservative when it came to the introduction of new technologies (in part due to the fact that technology has influenced their clients TTTech safety critical critical systems). Some of them were also facing difficult financial times, associated with the recession, especially in the automotive industry. On top of these other problems, many of the projects required a high level of TTTech settings and a large component of the service that has not been reproduced directly from account to account. The vision of the company, as defined in the strategy statement for 2009 was "to become the largest global supplier of embedded networks and modular security devices for markets where reliability and stability are essential." Increasing its presence in the established business and expanding into other high-volume markets, TTTech set a goal to grow to over U.S. $ 200 million annual revenue and achieve a market capitalization of U.S. $ 1 billion by 2015. "Hide
by Robert A. Burgelman, Lyn Denend, Robert Siegel Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 34 pages. Publication Date: September 1, 2010. Prod. #: SM185A-PDF-ENG

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TTTech (A):Seeking Growth and Scale in New and Existing Markets

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