Training and Developing Human Capital Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Training and Developing Human Capital Case Study Solution

How we work

Understanding your needs is one of our intended goals and objectives. Implementing a successful plan is our vision and we work with organizations as a partner throughout the process, to fulfill their expectations. Our experienced consultants work with the organizations to design their employee training and development programs and implement it in a way that ensures the best possible outcomes,which are in line with the strategic goals of these organizations.

Design of the Project: The current situations of the organizations are assessed with the human resource department and then a strategic approach is designed to address the concerns, and to meet the goals of the company.

Implementation: The project tasks and responsibilities are reviewed by our team of consultants,and then a time frame is developed to ensure that the designed approach is well implemented within 30 days.

Reporting: In order to track the progress of the designed approach; the organizations are provided with daily progress and task completion reports. All the necessary support is provided to the human resource department and the top management with respect to the communication with the employees. A meeting is also conducted with the leaders and executive team members for demonstrating the results of the planned approach and it effect on the organizational performance.

Action Planning: We intend to provide results of the survey conducted on the planned training and development approach within 30 days. Executive members and leaders are also trained to gain an insight of the results obtained, and to take necessary actions for adjusting the goals of the program. We also make sure that the results of the program are brought to the knowledge of the employees as well.

Ongoing Support after the program: We continuously monitor the progress of the program, and identify the new challenges coming ahead, with continuously evolving nature of the business. We also provide support where it is needed,without any additional cost.

Characteristics of our Training and Development Program

In order to develop the best training and development programs by engaging with the human resource department of the companies; following characteristics are considered for increasing the comprehensiveness of the program:

Effective Program Management.

  • Assessment of the Needs.
  • Alignment with the organizational initiatives.
  • Key Performance Metrics.
  • Leadership Buy-in.
  • Relevancy of the Training Program.
  • Adding Creativity in the Program.
  • Marketing and Communication.
  • Post-Training Reinforcement.

Effective Program Management

The effectiveness and the quality of a program depends on the training and development manager of an organization. The responsibility to effectively design and implement the program rests in the hands of this manager, therefore the manager should be motivated, open-minded and should show willingness to invest in the employees for improving their capabilities.  The marketing of the training program is also tasked to this manager who creates awareness about the training program among the employees of the organization. Additionally, the employees and program manager should be aware of the opportunities that can be realized with the help of the training program.

Assessment of the Needs

Our consultants are equipped with all the necessary skills that enable them to ascertain the needs of an organization and its employees. The future direction of the organization is also categorised to design the program accordingly. The main purpose of this need assessment is to characterize the gap between the current and future needs of the organizations.

Alignment with organizational initiatives

The needs of the company or organization that are identified are then aligned with the initiatives for training and development program. Our consultants along with the manager build a strategic plan, while incorporating the goals and objectives of the organization, and the possible gaps identified between the current and future course of actions. These initiatives emphasize on the impact on the bottom line of the company or an organization in such a way where initiatives taken are either for the purpose of bringing savings to the company or bringing in more profits for the company.

Key Performance Metrics

It is not easy to quantify the outcomes of training, but when the course of action is developed while assessing the needs of an organization; quantifying the outcomes with the help of key performance metrics becomes easier for the managers and the consultants.

Benchmarks are also developed for monitoring the performance and authenticity of the program being developed.  Evaluation is also performed on the basis of the key performance metrics, which assures the effectiveness of the program. Reports are also easily generated, which are shared among the executive members of the organization, which helps to monitor the effectiveness of the program.

Leadership Buy-in

Leadership buy-in is one of the valid approaches that are used to ensure the effectiveness of the training program. With the help of this approach; appropriate expectations can be obtained. It also helps in the accountability of the outcomes obtained through the training and development program.

Relevancy of the Training Program

The relevancy of the training program can be ensured by focusing on the need assessment of the company where possible gaps are identified between the current and future prospects of the company, and the efficiency of the employees is also gauged in order to implement the training program tailored according to the needs of the organization. Since time is of utmost value, therefore it is very crucial to design a very efficient training program for avoiding the compromise in the quality of the work being performed.

Adding Creativity in the Program

It is imperative for considering the impact of the program on the employees of the company. The training program should be interactive and not boring so that it would be able to maintain the interest and involvement of the employees. The contents of the program should be engaging which our consultants make sure of, with the help of the human resource department of the company or an organization.

Marketing and Communication

The essential component of any training program is its marketing strategy and the way it is being communicated within an organization in order to grab the attention of the employees. Our consultants ensure that strategic marketing plan is formulated before implementing the training program, to realize the gains with their full potential. The success factors and program goals are well formulated and communicated throughout an organization in order to clearly mention the results expected out of the training program.

Post-Training Reinforcement

In most of the training programs, the employees usually don’t apply the techniques learnt through the training programs; therefore in order to avoid this kind of an uncertainty; our consultants provide the complete report to the executive members after the training program, since we continuously monitor the post results of the training and development program.............


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