Motors and More Inc Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Part A
Organizing is considered as a basic managerial function. It is the process by which the managers of the organization group different jobs into manageable units, design specific jobs and also establish the patterns of the authority within the jobs and different types of the jobs (Griffin and Moorhead, 2006). On the other hand, the organization design is defined as the framework of the positions, different jobs, groups of the positions, authority lines and the reporting relationships among the different jobs which are necessary for constructing an organization (DeNisi and Griffin, p.50). When the organization design and organizing are combined then the organization structure is formed.
A complete HR department which depicts each of the units of the HR is shown in the chart below:

Job Titles and Roles/ Responsibilities
There are different HR managers with different areas of expertise but they must all be able to coach, train, hire reward performance, set goals, organize, plan, develop budgets, lead employees, implement strategies etc. Moreover, the specific roles and responsibilities of other job titles are as follows:
HR Manager: He is responsible for leading the HR department, aligning strategies and goals of HR, scanning the external environment and participating in the organizational planning and the review processes.
OD Specialist and Consultant: They form internal contracts and develop internal relationships, identify performance issues through research, assist in creating a learning organization culture, support performance management and maintain the organizational change.
Motors and More Inc Harvard Case Solution & Analysis
Possible job titles in Staffing and Employment unit are recruiting manager, staffing manager, employment manager or coordinator. They are responsible for developing the candidate pools, advertising new jobs, screening candidates, conducting their background checks, conducting interviews, ensuring legal compliance, supporting diversity in the workforce, extending offers etc.
The HRD training and development unit has many different positions such as developer, designer, evaluator, training or administrator. The HRD personnel are responsible for the development of the intellectual capital of the organization. They perform assessment, needs assessment, delivery, development, design, evaluation, employee orientation, development of the career path models, and training and performance management of the employees (Robinson and Robinson, 1996).
Compensation is another important area which has two sub areas which are benefits and salary administration.
The job titles in the benefits unit are benefits specialist, benefits analyst and benefits administrator. The determine the packages, the level of the benefits of each job, administer the PPO and HMO health plans and they also administer the retirement plans.
The job titles under the salary administration unit are salary and job specialist or analyst. They are responsible for developing the types of the reward pay, determining the pay positions, determining the job responsibilities, consulting with the employees and the management regarding the performance objectives and performance goals, conducting surveys of the salaries, maintaining payroll and developing the career path models.
The employee relations specialist is responsible for scanning the internal organization for identifying employee relation issues, complying with the labor laws, writing employee handbook, writing ethical policies, supporting the diversity and ensures that the employee rights are not violated................

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