De La Salle Academy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

There is a meeting of Brother Brian Carty who is the headmaster as well as the founder of De La Salle Academy, which is a private school for academically gifted and economically deprived kids from sixth grade till eighth grade in NYC with the school's board of directors to discuss how the school and its instruction theory can be expanded to more kids. Over 750 kids use each year for the 50 spaces at De La Salle, and most have few other choices if rejected but to enroll this school.

The financial support from the community as well as the non-profit foundations to cover operating expenses, as most of the students are not able to pay the tuition of about $9,000 a year to attend are the main sources of finance for this school. Not only do the school's graduates go on to elite independent and preparatory schools in the Northeast, but also they attend some of the well-regarded colleges in the nation, including Yale, and Brown, Harvard, Stanford.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT

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