Transforming Legal Services on the Internet Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In 2000, Robert Wang, a senior partner of the law firm in Hong Kong, Robert WH Wang & Co, headed by creating (TMS). He believes that the legal services, like other companies, can use the opportunities offered by the Internet. Trademark practice of intellectual property (IP) department was a good candidate for the Internet company - the process was simple and requires several discussions and meetings between lawyers and clients. In addition, doing business over the Internet will significantly reduce the number of documents, thereby solving the problem overrun IP department. However, the bursting of the Internet bubble, coupled with the global economic difficulties, sent a business during the economic downturn in 2002. Handling the dot-com, it seemed to have disappeared, along with the Internet boom, traffic to the website has slowed down and the number of transactions fell. Then, in 2003, the government rolled out new regulations trademarks and regulations that streamlined and simplified the trademark and service mark of the registration process. As part of the e-government services (ESD) initiatives, procedures and pricing information has been made available on the Internet, and anyone can apply for registration of the trademark itself - undermines the role of IP-based services. As a new manager was hired to turn things around, Purna Mysoor was a task of revival of business and identify opportunities for future growth. As she prepared her to marry Robert Van, she asked about TML's competitive advantage. As TML use the Internet to establish distinctive strategic positioning? How to respond to TML ESD initiative of the government? TML as create a strong enough value proposition to its customers and suppliers? "Hide
by Ali Farhoomand, Monica Wong Source: University of Hong Kong, 10 pages. Publication Date: February 16, 2004. Prod. #: HKU315-PDF-ENG Transforming Legal Services on the Internet Case Solution Other Similar Case Solutions like Transforming Legal Services on the Internet

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