Arcelor: Undervaluation – Threat or Opportunity? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Arcelor: Undervaluation - Threat or Opportunity? Case Solution


Arcelor thinks its reveals are underestimated and needs to choose no matter if to redeem stock by means of a repurchase tender deal or by means of a free market redeemed.

Prior to doing so, it needs to value the business to obtain a quote of the reasonable worth of the business. It has likewise to choose whether it can manage the buyback: is the boost in take advantage of a relocate to a much better capital structure?

Pedagogical Objectives:

The function of the case is to make trainees acquainted with buyback approaches and with the predicament that a company deals with when selecting in between a tender deal and a free market redeemed: purchasing outdoors market is more affordable, however a tender deal will raise stock rates more in the brief run, which might be essential if the company wishes to get a much better rate in a hostile takeover quote.

The case inquires trainees to worth Arcelor in addition to evaluate the ramifications for optimum capital structure.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about Economics & Finance

published: 31 Jan 2009
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Arcelor: Undervaluation – Threat or Opportunity?

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