The Key to Social Media Success Within Organizations Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In this paper, the authors show that, while the use of social media can be an extremely valuable way to enrich the culture of the company and improve its performance, it is not certain. Based on a survey in 1060 the leaders about their experiences with social media and a number of in-depth qualitative research, the authors argue that the main reason for some of the social media initiatives fail to benefit the company in the fact that the initiative does not create emotional capital, which they defined as a strong emotional connection between stakeholders and the company. After all, social media is still media, that is, the means of communication and those new tools can be used as a bad and counterproductive as any traditional mode. To show how companies can create a winning strategy, the authors contrast the experiences of two companies-unnamed company Tupperware technology and northern Scandinavian branch of dishes. Technology company focused on software to facilitate social networking, rather than using these new tools to build a community. Also, as a rule, talk this way, employees found insincerity. Between insincere messages from the executive team and easier communication with other disgruntled employees, the initiative was no real benefit to the company. Tupperware, by contrast, used the technology to help us capture the spirit of community to its trading partners and the unique opportunity social media to improve the vertical and horizontal communication.The authors conclude that while social media can help build a closer and more dynamic stakeholder relationships, the success of an online community requires a leader who can create emotional capital and who value community building as a means of creating economic value. "Hide
by Quy Huy, Andrew Shipilov Source: MIT Sloan Management Review 9 pages. Publication Date: October 1, 2012. Prod. #: SMR429-PDF-ENG

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The Key to Social Media Success Within Organizations

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