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Harley Davidson Case Solution


Before starting with the evolution of the strategic management,first let us create an understanding on what strategic management is.Strategic management is a continuous planning,monitoring, analyzing and assessment of all that is necessary for an organization to meet its goal and objective.Goal setting and continuous controlling and amending the path on which the company is heading are some of the parts, which strategic management addresses.The word ‘strategy’ (srategia) was derived from Greek for generalship, which entered in the books afterwards.Over the period of time, the corporate world started making plans (strategies) to address the core problems of the company and to achieve the goals set primarilyas well as to analyze the bottlenecks, which may hinder the performance of the company.
Strategic management has evolved over the period of time, as inthe early 50’s, strategic management addressed the budgetary and planning and control, which shifted towards corporate planning, positioning strategy, competitive advantage.

The management’s implications have also shifted from coordinating and budgeting from budgeting controls to making alliances and building networks to align and ease the operation and to link the virtual organization and self–organization.Over the period of time, strategic management has taken the core basic function of the company into the consideration, which is knowledge management.The companies have started taking into account the importance of information and to effectively handle itas well as the internal resources that include employees to be the key competitive advantages for the company. (Pirraglia, 2012) (RYSZARD BARNAT) (lane, 2015)

Strategic management is thekey destination for an organization to reach as it is crucial for the success of any company. A good strategic management ensures the effective management of the core operations and function of the company as well as it entails the secret game plan, which can be used to create value proposition and a defense strategy against the competition. Strategic management provides the company with an accurate direction towards achieving its success.On the other hand, effective strategic management helps the company to anticipate the future opportunities and threats beforehand. It also provides a clear objective and direction to the employees regarding the future of the company as well as the future of the employees, thus retaining the key employees. Effective strategic management ensures that the company utilizes cost effective method and invests fair amount in the operation especially in R&D, which is the core of strategic management. Furthermore, strategic management enables the company to identify, locate and exploit the opportunities before the competitors, as well as it helps in minimizing the risk and helps in allocating right amount of time and money. In addition to this,it focuses on the flow of information as well as it builds the communication framework to ensure effective sharing of information throughout the company. These key factors collectively guarantee the success and strong defense strategy of the company.Strategic management is like a map, which guides the company towards achieving its goal successfully. (malik, 1975) (Hofer, 1978)

Examples of Harley Davidson

Following are the examples which depict that Harley Davidson is not a strategic company.
1- The company did not invest in R&D to analyze the changing demands of the customers that demanded more sleek and efficient motorcycles.
2- The company failed to analyze the external market and thus, the Japanese took the market by offering advanced motorcycles.
3- The company did not plan to bring any product development as well as it failed to analyze the demographics of its target audience, which is why the company failed to see the declining popularity of motorbikes among baby boomers who were turning grey........................

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