To Increase Sales, Change the Way You Sell Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The traditional believe among people about selling is same as some sort of talking brochure and they consider it just a part of extolling the item features. Yet a study of buyers discloses that approach to be the least convincing. However, the first priority of the customers is the value, so it needs the salesperson to enhance the value rather than just conveying it.

The author, who has the expertise in successful selling, argues that to create value it is essential to resolve the customers issues, along with this, providing the long term advice to them also develops value creation. This article is written on the research and experiences of the author, who suggest that where the selling profession is headed and how the individuals and organizations can bring themselves to a leading position in an intense competition.

In start, the case has focused on two kinds of buyer that now they are either becoming transactionally buyer or consultatively buyer. This dual nature of buyers has developed the need for companies to incorporate these two opposite customer types while formulating the sales strategies. In order to enhance the focus of sales force on profitable sales and winning offers, it might need to shift the transactional business to the marketing team.

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To Increase Sales, Change the Way You Sell

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