Tips to Foster Ownership in Your Organization Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Emotional possession -- powerful emotional ties plus a shared awareness of mission and purpose that cause workers to identify closely with their business -- can give firms a competitive advantage, if they understand the origins of such feelings and the way to formulate them. In order to see how this phenomenon impacted the performance of family business, the writers conducted a quantified examination of varied family-owned firms of different sizes, periods and sectors.

They focused on the variables that either cultivated or undermined the development of a healthy, fulfilling relationship between next-generation members and also the family business. Their results imply that factors such as common experiences, involvement in administration bodies, a structured and planned entry into the company, a sense of empowerment and opportunities for engagement all support the growth of a balanced awareness of ownership within the organization and bring toward sustainable business performance. This article lists the practical matters that companies can do to sow the seeds of psychological ownership, so that you eventually reap duty, passion, initiative and creativity -- qualities that will boost functionality and productivity.

Tips to Foster Ownership in Your Organization Case Study Solution


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Tips to Foster Ownership in Your Organization

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