Thurgood Marshall Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Thurgood Marshall Case Study Solution

The case illustrates the managerial and leadership dilemma in Thurgood Marshall High School, located in the district of Illinois. The school was founded on the basis of house system divided into 4 houses. These houses have separate house master, department head, teachers, students, resources and facilities. Hence all four houses functioned independently to progress in the market. In the recent years, the school has been confronted with certain managerial and administrative issues which include low result delivery for the past 2 years along with some riots in the school, leading to the damage of the intellectual property of the school. In addition, the school is also facing a problem which has resulted in creating poor quality education is the conflict among its different house members for pursuing the right course map for designing the courses. Moreover, the conflicts resisting the performance and productivity of the overall house is a continuous tension between the house master and department heads which has led to the misalignment of goals and values of the school.

In such situation, Kane is hired as the school principal to resolve such administrative, managerial issues of the school and to uplift the grades and position of the school in the market. The selection of Kane is based on his abilities to deal and transform the administrative issues into strengths of the school which he had done in other schools, hence it is expected from Kane to do same in the school.

Keywords:  Conflict Management, Administration, organizational structure, Managerial Skills

Problem statement

There is a lack of conflict management and interpersonal relationship management in school among different parties which has created an intense situation in the school, leading high conflict and low performance.


Since from its start, Thurgood Marshall High School has been regarded as one of the best schools in the town. It started with an aim to offer exquisite knowledge and education to children by engraving diversity in it and by developing an autocratic standalone system in the school that offers each resource to each unit equally.And hence the system “House system” has been developed to be implemented in the school.

Thurgood Marshall Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Under the particular system, the management divided the population of school into whites, non-white and hispanians and managed to develop an equal quota in each house.The hierarchy of the school depicts long stiff hier archal relationship between the head of department, house master and the teacher. Also, the house system of the school is regarded as one of the best to manage the big flux of students effectively.

However, in the recent year, the performance of other schools has declined with low results in 9th and 10th grade while no improvement in the 11th and 12th grade. This particular downward graph has been accounted for conflict among the teaching staff and managerial staff, along with the threat of the difference in opinion. This has led to the development of high conjunction in the school, with high conflicts, resisting the performance and productivity of school.

Since in the recent year, under the leadership of Parker ex-principal, certain houses have been exposed to theft and security issues. This has made the management and the staff to call for security in the school, however, Parker seem to delay the request. In addition, due to the rise in demand for security, the house master has developed different approach towards the implementation of security. This depicts the misalignment and disintegration of the different housemasters and head of department with the ultimate goal of the school.

Also, due to the different house system, and independence, each teacher pursues its own set of course outline without adhering to the fundamental guidelines. This has led to the fluctuation in delivery of quality education.Also, it has created the tension among different teachers working in the same house. Lastly, there is a lack of team work in the school, since all teachers are trying to avoid conflict while developing grudges in personal. This has led to the deterioration of inter-personal skills, leading to low responsibility and accountability towards the works. In addition, the continues delay of Parker towards these conflicts and issues has made the situation severe,as the rising conflict and resistance maintaining the different parties in school has greatly affected the image and performance of school in the market....................

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