Three Jays Corporation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Brodie Arens has been on an internship in the summer at a jam and jelly manufacturing company, Three Jays Corporation, and is an MBA student. The company was situated in Michigan. As an intern his first task is to update production and inventory planning system. At the start he updates Reorder Points (ROP) and Economic Order Quantities (EOQ) for every product. Although, he felt that it needed to make awareness among factory floor workers regarding the formal production planning system as it was being ignored by them. Ultimately, Brodie has to devise a strategy to enhance the efficiency of system and ways to incorporate his recommendations into the system. The case provides two major errors that occur during the application of Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) while using it for production planning. This could be helpful for the inventory control or tradeoff analysis in a supply chain management course or in a production and operations management course.

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