Northern Forest (F): Policy Alternatives Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Northern Forest (F): Policy Alternatives Case Solution

The focus of this case is on the policy choice options for preventing boom and bust behavior in the Northern Forest sawmills industry. A simulation evaluation is also accessible for faculty to use to demo the effects of various policy alternatives. Landowners, sawmill owners, government officials, and environmentalists do not need sawmill demand to "overshoot" the productive capacity of the forest resources, a problem the region had experienced about a century earlier.

Students use systems-thinking skills (analysis of benchmark styles of behaviors, causal-loop mapping, and stock-flow mapping) to create their casual hypotheses of the underlying-systems construction. The case is dependent on the post, "Resource Sustainability in Commodity Market Systems," System Dynamics Review Summer 2002.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about TECHNOLOGY & OPERATIONS

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Northern Forest (F): Policy Alternatives

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