The Transformation phase of Renfield’s farms under the leadership of Marie Jackson Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Transformation phase of Renfield's farms under the leadership of Marie Jackson Case Study Solution

The case illustrates the leadership dilemma in the Rein field farms that operates in the industry of dairy Farms and offers the fresh, natural and wholesome food to the market in Four Categories. The Company reached the top market position under the leadership of Franklin, the core founder of the company. However, the company faced at remendous decline in sales due to the lack of creativity and leadership of other CEOs that joined the company after Franklin, until Marie Jackson took over the position and transformed the organizational structure bye volving creativity and change in the organization.She also inculcated social media Techniques and digital platform to revitalize the structure and functioning of the company along with the change in vision and business strategy.However, Marie faces the resistance and reluctance from the employees in adapting the change along with the lack of pro-active approach.

Keywords:  Change Management , Leadership, Organizational culture, Leadership style, Communication strategy.

Question: 1(a) - Cummings and Worley Model

The Cummings and Worley model is used under, to analyze the situation of Reinfield at organizational and Group Level.


General Environment

Reinfields worked efficiently, under the leadership of Franklin and gathered great sales margin and market share. The company pursued decentralized structure, where each SBU operated as an independent entity to run its operations and make it profitable.The decentralized structure empowered people and channeled energy and motivation throughout the organization.However, after the retirement of Franklin, the company along with its organizational culture, lost the momentum among the employees.

The environment became reactive, instead of proactive and Reinfield started bearing losses. The incidents occurred due to wrong leadership and vision of the next CEOs. For the next few years, the employees remain non-motivated, slow and the whole energetic culture that encouraged creativity and leadership diluted in the organization.In addition to this, the company also failed to keep up with the pace of market and consumer behavior, which resulted in shrinking of profit margins and band awareness due to competition leading the market. Lastly, since the technology became the part of every small and; large business, Rein fields lacked to incorporate technology into its functions, and due to that, the customer interaction and engagement remain low through social media and digital Channel.

Industry Structure

The industry of dairy has started facing the threat of commoditization and maturity.The market of dairy has matured which have resulted in low profits and market share. Since there are many players in the market, it has become complex for the companies to maintain the value proposition of the brand.However, many brand have remain to be successful due to its strong brand loyalty, brand awareness and visibility in the market, along with the right integration of change in consumer behavior with the offerings. For example, there has been a shift in the market towards consuming healthy wholesome, low fat dairy product.



Reinfields Farm pursued the business strategy of offering the natural, fresh and wholesome food to the market. It created its value proposition on the very fact of offering natural food without any preservatives.In doing so, it catered the market with demographics that consumed the fresh organic food on the cost of high price.Since these company offed the fresh dairy products  in market, it positioned the brand in the as a luxury products, making them slightly higher, however, the company also tried to convene the customer, the high price as a trade off of fresh dairy organic products.


The company rein fields have a decentralized structure, enabling every SBU to work under differentiate, distinct strategy that best suits the product and locality of the SBU. This enabled the employees to take daily decision themselves, making them accountable for their action. It also created a positive synergy among the team members, which improved the outcome and hence the overall productivity of the company in the initial phase, under the franklin leadership.

The Transformation phase of Renfield’s farms under the leadership of Marie Jackson Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



Measurement System

HR structure

Reinfields has decentralized structure with different managerial levels. There is a sales department, marketing department and IT department in the company. Each controlled and monitored by a director and manager and a bunch of members working as a team. Over the period of time, under the franklin leadership, the employees are treated as a member of the company, offering ease of work and relaxed working conditions with strong bond among the individuals.


The Reinfields, the HR practices depicts an open, friendly and team oriented culture, to encourage the ownership, empowerment and authority making the employees to make the daily decisions and remain accountable for the actions. Also, since the company practiced the decentralized structure, it smoothen the path of communication leading to effective communication and correspondence. In addition, Reinfields have a healthy environment of sharing the information with the team mates, mitigating the risk of information silos in the organization.

Question: 1(b) Problem Statement

a.       The primary problem company face is the lack of creativity, openness, and enthusiasm in the employees to develop anew innovative process in the company. Also, the company faces the problem in implementing the change due to resistance from employees in engraving change.

b.      In addition, the employees are reluctant to follow the guidelines and directions of the Jackson, due to its proposal of converting and transforming the business strategy and revitalizing the vision of the company.

c.       Lastly, the company faces the issues in developing an innovative culture in the organization, by inculcating digital medium and social media...................

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