Danfoss Motion Controls And Holip (A) (Abridged) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-2054 © 2011
Nie, Winter; Ryans, Adrian; Lu, Abraham Hongze

Erhardt Jessen, a vice president of the department, has to suggest whether to get Holip and, if yes, the method that Danfoss Motion Controls ought to embrace for Holip. Secret concerns that he would have to address consisted of the continued usage of the Holip brand name and the degree to which Holip must be incorporated into Danfoss. The (A1) and (A2) cases enable the class to be divided into 2 groups: one seeing the scenario through the eyes of Danfoss and the other seeing the circumstance through the eyes of the Holip management group.

This leads to a richer class conversation of the 2 viewpoints than is possible if the entire class has actually checked out the (A) case. Knowing goals: The case provides individuals a chance to grow their understanding of the concerns an international maker of high efficiency items need to deal with as it deals with enhancing competitors from regional gamers making great adequate items. Depending on the course's knowing goals, the Danfoss-Holip case series can be taught either by utilizing the A case followed by the B case, or by utilizing the A1 and A2 cases followed by the B-case.

Subjects: Low cost competition; Mergers & acquisitions; M&A; Chinese entrepreneurs; Frequency converters; Multinationals competing in China; Pre-acquisition analysis; After acquisition integration; Dual-brand strategy
Settings: China ; Frequency converters; Industrial controls ; Danfoss sales in 2004 €2.2 billion ; May 2005

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Danfoss Motion Controls And Holip (A) (Abridged)

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