The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


However, the company will have to convey the mission, the purpose and the objectives of the company within these two days. The company had developed a culture which was characterized by high level of trust, empowerment and motivation. If the newly hired employees are not made aware about the values and the vision of the hotel company, they will eventually fail to meet the expectations of their customers like always. Therefore, the days should be increased from two days to convey the vision, mission and the true set of values of the organization. It had been clearly told to the employees that their job is to make money for the company by serving the purpose of the customers. The customers want a calm, refreshing and joyful ambience. The food and other things are all secondary. This purpose has been conveyed to the newly hired but it will take some time to reinforce these values of the company. Therefore, the two days orientation time period should be increased.

Day two of this seven days countdown was set for clarifying the functional goals of each of the employees. For this purpose, some of the group exercises were also carried out to teach the employees purpose of the customers. However, this is not enough and there should have been some mock drills regarding how to go for the in-room service, what tone and language to use while communicating with the guests. These all single things become clear when employees see them and experience them in actual. Simply conveying them about this is not the solution. Therefore, some kind of practical exercise should be carried upon.


The next five days were scheduled to carry out the work related to reviewing the training activities of this program. Day number three and day number four were scheduled for the Uniform fitting and it was also planned to introduce the daily line up procedures to all the employees. Apart from this safety instructions were also given to the employees.

This was one part of the remaining 5 days. There were practical scenarios set up to groom the newly hired employees. But again the main issue with this was that the five days’ time period was a very less time to convey each and every thing to the employees. As they were newly hired it would take a much more time to understand the procedures and how the individual work tasks are completed. The managers were trying to convey al the historical stories related to its employees that have started their careers from scratch and now they were on the senior most positions.

The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company Case Solution

Day four was scheduled for handling the issues when the customers of the company are facing any kind of issue or problem. Just one day as planned to guide the newly hired employees on this matter which will make it really difficult for them to grasp things in such a short span of time. Therefore, the management should have planned more days for this purpose.

The standards that were set by the Ritz-Carlton company for the performance of the rakes and work activities when they would be working on their jobs was given to the employees in the last three days of the seven days countdown. The skills training was the main area where actually the employees would learn how they would perform their individual job tasks. Every employee was expected to master in their area, however, it is impossible for any human being to grasp the job duties in just three days. This would in turn lead to the employees making mistakes. That would then dissatisfy the customers and ultimately the occupancy rate of the hotel will decrease. Therefore, employees should have been provided on the job training and they should be motivated that they would be trained continuously. This is the way through which employees would gain more confidence and they would then be able to perform their duties much better. They needed to grasp the purpose of the services they are providing, and provided this tough seven day training countdown, employees might feel pressurized and also it is impossible for them to grasp the complete idea in just seven days. It is also not possible that they understand the depth and the secret of success for the company in just seven days.......................................

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