Sloan & Harrison: The Associate Challenge Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


After analyzing the data, it is clearly evident from the survey that associates from the Washington office felt better and satisfied from the management of the company as compared to the associates of the Atlanta office. They were successful in managing the workload, they were less intending to leave their jobs as compared to the associates in the Atlanta office, they were better able to maintain work-life balance, they were more committed to the organization, and they were less burnout from their jobs as compared to the associates in the Atlanta office, and they perceived more organizational support as compared to the Atlanta office’s associates.

In addition to the variables asked in the survey, additional information provided revealed that the turnover ratio in the Washington office has decreased from 13% to 8% out of a total of 185 associates.  The rate of turnover in the Atlanta office, the previous year was 14% out of a total of 152 associates. From this analysis, a clear conclusion can be drawn that the program implemented in the Washington office is a success and thus can be applied to the Atlanta office and other offices of the company as well.



For an organization to function effectively, it needs to be based on the establishment of clear, open and genuine communication. This reaches from obviously imparting the destination to the group so that everybody recognizes what they are working towards and by offering plans as well as giving remarks inside a nature. There are various ways in which successful communication can be sustained inside a group, which may involve the guarantee that everybody in the group is given the contact details of interest of all other colleagues, including email locations and cellular telephone numbers. This will ensure simplicity of communication. Moreover, plan for group gatherings with enough time in order to allow open and streaming communication without time limitations, and allocate appropriate motivation things to each one ally to permit everybody the opportunity to impart. In addition, all colleagues should be urged to correspond openly and unmistakably with others in an environment where trust is present. In the event that these aptitudes are required, enlist the group in an influential communication course. Further, set an example by sending unmistakably and listening to others in the event, in a way that shows that you are the chief or leader of the group. Moreover, underline to the group the criticalness of listening and additionally talking when conveying in a communicating group. Sway the team to make inquiries to elucidate unverifiable points. This will guarantee that the target is clear in everybody's brain. Remunerate excellent cooperation and strong advancement through praise and support. Additionally, empower general criticism and feedback from the group on how viable communication is inside the group; this will distinguish areas where data needs and give members of the team motivation to voice opinions and thoughts. Dishearten the members of the team from losing their temper when clashes emerge. Improper reactions can prompt misgiving and an unwillingness to impart data later on. Guarantee that the group stays positive all through the course of the task, as cynicism can influence profit.

Work-life balance

In order make efforts to increase the communication level, measures should be taken to adjust daily activities with the intention to attain a balance between personal and work life. It can be achieved through setting goals and objectives for the family and work as this will help an individual to analyze the importance of family or work in his life. Other than that, one should manage his/ her time effectively that can be done through reviewing job activities, analyzing success factors and setting up priorities. Further, one should keep a clear line of boundary between personal life and work, that means one should not take his work at home or their personal family matters in the office.......................................

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