Boehringer Ingelheim: Leading Innovation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Innovation Management & Strategy director of Boehringer Ingelheim, who is recently appointed, finding the ways to go forward in his task, which is central to the rejuvenation of the company’s growth strategy. He has been appointed for the first of its kind role to build an innovative environment in the company.

The company has marked the recognition in the pharmaceutical industry, within and outside the Germany. The clear requirements of the director job needed, to build internal networks to gather the ideas to build more innovative environment, establish internal structures and to leverage internal ideas to meet the objectives.

The director mainly has to encounter with the challenge of transforming the company’s DNA, which could be the first step to open the door. However, the company has embraced the growth opportunities from its existing models for decades, but now it, no longer, suits to current competitive era. The company needs to introduce over the counter healthcare products for its customer.

Although, this broad change not only require the change in business production, but also in its distribution, delivery and customer focus. To sustain the innovation in the organization and to meet the objectives, the director needs to institutionalize the innovation. To do so, he needs to evaluate the metrics that could improve the progress.

This case asks students to find out a track of innovation in the face of uncertainty, they need to generate the ways by putting them in the shoes of an innovation leader and how to incorporate the innovation at each level in an organization with a global presence.

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