Pricing as Entrepreneurial Behavior Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Usual price is now upside down. Having decided that the price to charge is one of the most visible decision variables facing managers. Prices send clear messages about the value of the customer and company goals. However, prices have been one of the least stressed strategic issues. Historically, the manager took the price granted, thinking that his main task was to cover costs and provide a targeted rate of return. Now, companies are adopting more sophisticated approaches. Strategic view of pricing includes the cost objectives, pricing strategy, pricing structure, prices, and stock prices. E-commerce opens up new possibilities for the use of differentiated prices all the time, price optimization by creating customer switching barriers, and differentiating the stage. Management problems include the development of technology that facilitates the search for customers and clients the price decisions, and not with the prices. Integrative framework for analysis combines the strategic dimensions of prices compared to the market cost-based, active than reactive, hypothetical risk compared to the risk aversion, and flexible than standard sizes. "Hide
cocksucking Schindehutte, Michael H. Morris Source: Business Horizons 8 pages. Publication Date: July 15, 2001. Prod. #: BH061-PDF-ENG

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Pricing as Entrepreneurial Behavior

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