The Joslin Diabetes Center Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Joslin Diabetes Center Case Study Analysis

Hypothesis 03: The management of Joslin has not looked to cater markets other than the local ones.

The third hypothesis within Joslin Diabetes Center has been the fact that the management was looking to restrict itself from opening up new research centers in extended markets. For instance, the management was the player of the local markets only.

The management has been quite hesitant in exploring the new markets, such as: the Far East, Asian and the Middle Eastern countries, to set up Joslin Diabetes Center it those areas. Had the hospital availed this opportunity, not only it would havemade handsome moneybut would have become more accustomed and aligned with the new markets as well.

The management was justkeen in staying within a certain scope and had limited its research to one single area. The management, however was also focused onlooking for the opportunities to serve the humanity in the best possible manner, rather than also looking for making profit as the main or the most looked upon avenue, with which it would have continued its core focus very well.

In this regard, the management did actually avoid a capable market opportunity, where it could have explored the segment of catering the market needs, and made itself to be able generate a few extra bucks, which would have eventually resulted in it havingdecent profit generated.

Proof and Action

The three hypotheses that have been presented in the case were based on the information that is  provided in the case. The first hypothesis signifies the issue that the management of Joslin Diabetes Center was faced with, i.e.  the issue of decreasing income.

This has been the prominent issue in the case alongside which, some other issues that were quite clear and evident in the case were: management being unable to integrate itself in the market where it could have availed theopportunitiesof sustaining itself in the market. As the case states, the management of Diabetes Center of Joslin was the oldest in the market.

The management was also failed in bringing success with uniqueness,as the center had just been focused oncatering the needs of the patients suffering from Type I and Type II diabetes. The management did not look for exploring other markets and diseases.

The basic or the prime propose of the management at the hospital is directly relational and also proportional to the fact that the management has looked to sustain in the market with the major breakthrough concepts of innovation within Diabetes.

One of the major factors that highly contributed to the failure of management in having profitable outcomes was the fact that the hospital management had refrained itself from exploring the other demographics and availing the opportunities of having an expansion in other markets, which kept the hospital isolated from its success.

This has been solely because of the fact that the management has been uncharacteristic of actually trusting others in the market. Allowing someone else to operate on behalf of the management was something that Joslin avoided

The hospital’s managementpreferred to deliver the services through the main office, which was serving the market and it has had decent success as well. Although the element of customer satisfaction was rather higher and dedicated, the results in terms of financial services were quite poor and much unsatisfactory.

These had been the major drawbacks, which were extracted from the case, If these drawbacks had been overcame by the hospital, it would have surely enjoyed a fair share of profit with significant success rate.

The hypothesis have been constructed keeping this element in mind because until and unless the concept of market expansion is not achieved and the profits are not accumulated the revenues and income shall be decreasing for the management of Joslin Diabetes Center.


Expansion in new markets:

The first and the most obvious alternative to the hypothesis that has been developed for the Joslin Diabetes Center, which is to expand itself in the new markets. As the case states, the managementwas quite content to play its part in the local market, therefore the profits were reduced and the expansion opportunities had become lower.

In this current situation, having an expansion in new markets seem to be the most appropriate method for the hospital to move forward. The CEO and the director need to find a potential market, which can be served by Joslin Diabetes Center.

The alternative therefore is quite clear and ratherpositiveinduction for the management, which is to expand in new markets more specificallyoutside the home country. This will help the management in bring the element of success back to the hospital.)

Merger and Acquisition:

The second alternative for the hypothesis constructed is to merge the Joslin Diabetes Center, with one of the cardiovascular service providers in the country. As for now, the main or the major focus of the management should be on the diabetes center and the treatment of diabetic patients, by merging with another hospital of research center.The management can expand its scope in the new markets through mergers.

Along with this, the management can also grow itself and reduce the risks, which could be shared with the cardiovascular hospital that couldalign with Joslin Diabetes Center. Another element of success which can be achieved through merger and acquisition is that the management would be able to integrate into new options of research, without making more investments.

In the end, it can be said that the management of Joslin Diabetes Center can bring in decent results in the future, only if it expands itself in the market and becomes proactive. At the moment, the decision making capacity and the overall situation have been solely dependent upon diabetes and services, cure, treatment related to it.

In the future, the Director and the CEO of Joslin Diabetes Center need to concentrate on other factors also,and shouldrefrain from just limiting themselves to one single market only. This way the loss prevention and reduction offinancials can be once again retrieved, and the benefits of being one of the oldest as well as more efficient players; can be cherished........................................


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