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Conflicts are basically an awareness of the different parties that are involved with different discrepancies, wishes and desires. Moreover, conflict is something that is present across all teams with a definite high level of task dependence. In the past, researchers have been observing the fact that conflicts have emerged when team members have developed opposing goals and values. Moreover, conflicts have been dominating the overall decision making within teams where the different team members have rather diverse perspectives (Alper, 2000).

 Conflict is sometimes inevitable while working in teams. The reason for conflicts generally occurs when people from different backgrounds and cultures have to work together. A conflict is something, which teams have to deal with on regular basis. It usually involves two or more than two parties who do not agree upon certain things. The team members have different opinions based on their understanding of the situation.

Conflicts do not necessarily have to be negative, sometimes conflicts provide benefits for an organization. If a team working together finds different options to overcome specific issue, it generally strengthens the decision making and to be more aligned with the ultimate result of ensuring success for the firm or the team (Eisenhardt, 1997).

Overcoming conflicts within teams is something that has to be dealt with utmost care and organizations sometimes find it inevitable to overcome the issues. It is necessary to understand that the rising conflict sometimes leads to delay in the completion of projects, it also hampers the success of the project and conflicting situations within a team even leads to poor decision making.

Therefore, it is rather obligatory on part of the management to ensure that each team is set to work in complete coordination because eventually if the team does not have the bonding required to sustain and to listen to the view point of the involving members, then conflicts cannot be reduced.

2.2 IT Project Issues

In the modern era, Information Technology has emerged as the most innovative and successful industry in the world where all the companies have been built upon the IT services, and have been exploring the different benefits that arise with the constant use of IT services.

Nowadays, firms have tried to explore the opportunities of using IT in their firms because eventually in the coming times IT shall play the most prevalent role in making the organizations outclass one another. Therefore, it can be said that the most successful industry in the modern era is the IT industry.

Keeping this in mind, researchers have been quite committed to find the reasons for different issues that occur in the IT industry or within the IT projects. The major issues, which occur while completing IT projects is the issue of decision making because eventually since it is a new field, therefore, the teams involving themselves in this market are unable to take help from past researchers and other sources (Jehn, 1994).

Therefore, sometimes it becomes quite difficult for an IT project team to come to a conclusion because by being a part of a team, all the members sometimes have different rationale to a specific issue. It is necessary for all the teams that are working on a specific IT project to find the pros and cons of all the different decisions they tend to make for a specific decision. The empirical research studies have confirmed that the relationship between a conflict and the firm performance is a positive one. This means that the conflict leads to poor team performance. Moreover, a high level of cognitive conflict reduces the quality and decision making. It is essential to find methods and strategies that can either reduce the conflicts or in fact find solutions that are rather proactive and aligned with the overall concept (Taylor, 2010).The impact on an IT project if there is conflict within the team and strategies to resolve the issue Case Solution

2.3 Impact on IT project if a conflict occurs within a team

If a conflict occurs within a team, then it actually affects the team in a negative manner. Research has indicated that conflicts within a team lead to delay in the project completion. Moreover, it also hinders the growth of the team and the results that are expected of the project cannot be achieved also.

In fact, most of the times if the team members do not coordinate with each other then they end up being either dissolved or end with the failure of the project. Therefore, it is quite evident that teams cannot succeed unless they reach a solution for a problem. Although it is a fact that not all the team members might agree upon a single solution, however, ending up being on one single solution or conclusion is rather obligatory for each team (Amason, 1996)......................

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